Judging - 2021

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Champion of Champions

The judges have declared ID1626442510 / "Tulloes Emily" / Jim Greenhill to be this year's Champion of Champions

Champion of Champions

Your vote! The people's Champion of Champions

Watch the video to review all the category champions: which animal do you think should be awarded the people's Champion of Champions?

  • Light horses: ID1627055726 / “Brincrubin Bell”
  • Cattle: ID1625939337 / “Louris Panache”
  • Goats: ID1626102352 / “Aylswood Tutti”
  • Heavy horses: ID1626442510 / “Tulloes Emily”
  • Donkeys: ID1624348381 / “Balnuth Jacksean”
  • Sheep: ID1627162070 / Texel / Cockburn

Light horses

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Heavy horses

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