Live judging

Light horses (Stream 1)

Join us on Saturday 7th August 2021 from 10.00am for the live judging of the virtual Perth Show 2021.

Stream 1

This class has now concluded.


Class 1

First: ID1624974713 "Lonsdale Argento"

Second: ID1624968271 "Wellbrow Kyle"

Third: ID1624474274 "Kinness Velma"

Class 2

No result

Class 3

First: ID1624880837 "Lynnbank Aria"

Second: ID1624880753 "Lynnbank King of the North"

Third: "Laighlands Flower of Scotland"

Fourth: "Laighlands Dark Schiehallion

Fifth: "Lynnbank Braveheart"

Sixth: "Laighlands Glenfiddich"

Class 4

First: ID1627055726 "Brincrubin Bell"

Second: ID1624973119 "Hob Nob"

Third: ID1627066652 "Poppy"

Fourth: ID1624263212 "Babe"

Class 5

First: ID1625130029 "Amber / Georgia"

Second: ID1627066681 "Flicka / Kayla"

Third: ID1627066712 "Bright / Amie"

Best pony

ID1624974713 "Lonsdale Argento" — Congratulations!


ID1627055726 "Brincrubin Bell" — Congratulations!

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Light horses

Class 1 – 10:00am
In-hand Pony; Any Breed
Class 2 – 10:10am
Ridden Pony 4 years; Any Breed
Class 3 – 10:15am
In-hand Horse; Any Breed
Class 4 – 10:40am
Ridden Horse 4 years; Any Breed
Class 5 – 10:55am
Fancy Dress Pony/Horse Rider & Handler

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