Live judging

Goats (Stream 3)

Join us on Saturday 7th August 2021 from 10.00am for the live judging of the virtual Perth Show 2021.

Stream 3

This class has now concluded.


Class 28

First: ID1626102352 "Aylswood Tutti"

Second: ID1627144742 "Brucklay Kako"

Third: ID1626102566 "Brucklay Harmony"

Class 29

First: ID1627144683 "Brucklay Lucky"

Second: ID1626102756 "Aylswood Lulu"

Third: ID1626102696 "Aylswood Talulah"

Class 30

First: ID1626102831 "Aylswood Eve"

Second: ID1627144775 "Brucklay Magic"

Third: ID1626102831 "Aylswood Holly"

Class 31

First: ID1626523853 "Figgy"

Second: ID1626516588 "Frankie"

Class 32

First: ID1626523910 "Figgy & Frankie / Onatah Radysh-Haasis"

Class 33

First: ID1626524086 "Figgy & Frankie / Onatah Radysh-Haasis"

Best pygmy goat

ID1626102352 "Aylswood Tutti" — Congratulations!


ID1626102352 "Aylswood Tutti" — Congratulations!

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Class 28 – 10:00am
Pygmy- Adult female over 2years old
Class 29 – 10:10am
Goatling, not borne a kid over 1 but not exceeding 2 any Dairy Breed
Class 30 – 10:20am
Female kid over 2 months but not exceeding 1 year
Class 31 – 10:30am
Pet goat Any Breed
Class 32 – 10:35am
Young Exhibitor
Class 33 – 10:40am
Young Handler

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