Live judging

Heavy horses (Stream 4)

Join us on Saturday 7th August 2021 from 10.00am for the live judging of the virtual Perth Show 2021.

Stream 4

This class has now concluded.


Class 34

First: ID1625243644 Arradoul Oran Mor

Second: ID1624394080 Elvis Inspiration

Third: ID1624478936 Jedidiah

Class 35

First: ID1626442510 Tulloes Emily

Second: ID1626944426 Fordiehill Marvel

Third: ID1624974619 Whinhill Wallace

Class 36

First: ID1624973890 Whinhill Wallace

Class 37

First: ID1624394566 Elvis Inspiration

Class 38

First: ID1624394743 Elvis Inspiration

Class 39

First: ID162426045 Moss-Side Breagh 11

Second: ID1626372140 Ghillie Buidhe of Creag Dhubh

Class 40

First: ID1626372251 Ghillie Buidhe of Creag Dhubh

Class 41

First: ID1624969106 Addingham Darcy

Second: ID1627129214 Oldeworlde Vivaldi

Third: ID1624969045 Struie Dazzler

Class 42

First: ID1624990999 Elcho Lily

Second: ID1624991129 Narinian Lottie

Third: ID1626617021 Pickles

Class 43

First: ID1624969204 Addingham Darcy

Second: ID1626637113 Pickles

Class 44

First: ID1627147148 Rory Andrews

Class 45

First: ID1624968142 Anna Marshall

Second: ID1624479063 Ahva Elder

Third: ID1624974523 Millie McNab

Best Clydesdale

ID1626442510 "Tulloes Emily" — Congratulations!

Best Highland Pony

ID162426045 "Moss-Side Breagh 11" — Congratulations!

Best Standard Shetland

ID1624969106 "Addingham Darcy" — Congratulations!

Best Shetland Pony

ID1624969106 "Addingham Darcy" — Congratulations!

Best Miniature

ID1624990999 "Elcho Lily" — Congratulations!


ID1626442510 "Tulloes Emily" — Congratulations

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Heavy horses

Class 34 – 10:00am
In-hand Stallion, Mare, Gelding 3+
Class 35 – 10:10am
In-hand Gelding, Filly, Colt
Class 36 – 10:20am
Ridden Clydesdale 4 years +
Class 37 – 10:25am
Best Decoration
Class 38 – 10:35am
Best Turnout
Class 39 – 10:45am
In-hand Stallion, Mare, Gelding,Filly, Colt
Class 40 – 10:50am
In-hand Stallion, Mare, Gelding,Filly, Colt
Class 41 – 11:00am
Standards - In-hand Stallion, Mare, Gelding, Filly, Colt any age.
Class 42 – 11:15am
Miniatures - In-hand Stallion, Mare, Gelding, Filly,Colt any age.
Class 43 – 11:25am
Ridden Shetland Pony 4 years+ ridden by child under 14. On or off lead
Class 44 – 11:30am
Young Exhibitor
Class 45 – 11:35am
Young Handler

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