Live judging

Sheep (Stream 6)

Join us on Saturday 7th August 2021 from 10.00am for the live judging of the virtual Perth Show 2021.

Stream 6

This class has now concluded.

Class 50

First: ID1627117228 Blackface

Class 51

First: ID1626948668 North Type BF

Second: ID1626949160 North Type BF

Class 52

First: ID1627162492 Nochnary

Second: ID1624354066 Blackface

Third: ID1627117160 Texel

Class 53

First: ID1627162070 Texel

Second: ID1626008469 Sidlaw

Third: ID1627162584 Nochnary Ewe

Class 54

First: ID1626708362 St Ternan Ryelands

Second: ID1626008633 Sidlaw

Third: ID1627116989 Texel

Class 55

First: ID1627162390 Texel

Second: ID1626085333 Diamond Tutti frutti

Third: ID1624354522 Blackface

Class 56

First: ID1626008766 Sidlaw

Second: ID1627042591 [Simpson]

Class 57

First: ID1626816411 G D Macdonald

Second: ID1627299670 D & J Thomson

Class 58

First: ID1626722953 Rashielea Farm

Second: ID1626816312 G D Macdonald

Third: ID1626722860 Rashielea Farm

Class 59

First: ID1627300079 D & J Thomson

Second: ID1627300216 D & J Thomson

Third: ID1626722817 Rashielea Farm

Class 61

First: ID1626815970 G D Macdonald / Ben

Second: ID1626988158 Formonthills Flapjack / Charlie

Third: ID1626981358 Katie / Ailsa

Class 62

First: ID1626707754 St Ternan Ryelands / Daniel

Second: ID1626988229 Formonthills Flapjack / Charlie

Third: ID1626941176 G D Macdonald / Amy

Best purebred

IID1627162070 Texel — Congratulations!

Best crossbreed

ID1626722953 Rashielea Farm — Congratulations!


ID1627162070 Texel / Cockburn — Congratulations!

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Class 50 – 10:00am
Ram 2 shear and over
Class 51 – 10:05am
Shearling Ram
Class 52 – 10:10am
Shearling Ram
Class 53 – 10:20am
Class 54 – 10:25am
Class 55 – 10:35am
Ewe Lamb
Class 56 – 10:45am
Best Pair
Class 57 – 10:50am
3 Cross ewes exc Mules, Reared lambs in 2021
Class 58 – 10:55am
3 Cross Gimmers exc Mules to only have 2 broad teeth
Class 59 – 11:05am
3 Ewe Lambs any cross excl., mules
Class 61 – 11:15am
Young Exhibitor
Class 62 – 11:25am
Young Handler

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